Getting ready for Spring/Summer

Published: 03/04/2017 By Penny

The equinox has been and gone and with this comes the changing of seasons. In the northern hemisphere we are getting ready for the warmth of summer to grace us whilst we try to get our bodies into shape and retrieve our summer wardrobes out of storage. It is not only our bodies that we can prepare, but our home spaces as well to welcome in the summer sun and open air. In this blog I will be sharing with you a few tips to help you begin to prepare your home for the coming spring/summer months.

A wonderful way to welcome in the spring and summer is by decorating your home with flowers. Flowers can either be harvested from your own garden or purchased at your local florist/shop. Flowers are not only a great way to add a splash of colour but they bring a fresh and fragrant scent into your living space that is just as beautiful to look at. Flowers cause us to think of spring and they are a great way for you to begin welcoming the change of season into your home with a fresh positive attitude.

Prepare Your Garden
You may not have been able to do much gardening during the cold, wet and windy winter months but now is a good time to begin tidying up your garden space to get ready for you and your guests to be spend some time outside. You can use this time to trim back trees and shrubs and to perform any other necessary pruning and prepping work. It is also a good time to sow seeds and bulbs that will be able to sprout and grow during the summer. If you start working on your garden now; you will ensure that it will be looking beautiful by the time summer arrives.

Put Away Your Winter Gear
Just before the arrival of summer it’s a good time to begin packing away your heaters, heavy blankets, bulky sweaters, jackets and winter boots as well as any other bits and pieces that you only make use of during winter. Use this new space for the spring/summer wardrobe and perhaps to add some colour to your home with new artwork, prints or framed pictures of loved ones that capture the mood of the season.