Are These the New Upcoming Interior Design Trends?

Published: 16/10/2017 By Penny

2018 is almost upon us and with it comes many new trends in clothing, technology and interior design. It seems that every year, many of us feel the need to change up our look and for some, that includes the look of our homes. Landlords can benefit from freshening up their interior design by attracting new tenants and the right design can even turn a previously empty home, into a rented property that is turning a profit.

At Chamberland Residential, we are focused on helping our clients lease their properties quickly and for the most money possible. We understand the needs of our Landlords and we have created this list of some of the hottest, upcoming interior design trends. These are trends that will make your property look more appealing to renters and offer pride of ownership. Here are some of 2018’s trending home design trends, according to leading UK interior designers:

Sophisticated Pastels
Pastels have gone beyond being simple colours to add to your walls and have become more complex. New trends are bringing pastels back and they are being used for more than just an accent wall.

Rounded Furniture
Hard edged furniture has made way for a softer, more rounded approach. Substantially sized furniture with round shapes and edges add a modern look that is also comfortable and inviting.

Relaxed Maximalism
Forget minimalism, and go for a maximalism look for your home with furnishings that are actually functional and provide maximum comfort.

Utilitarian Materials
Add a natural look with utilitarian materials including canvas, reclaimed fabrics and natural wood finishes.

Black-Finished Metals
What used to be frowned upon in the home furnishings realm, has finally gone mainstream. Black finished metals on lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and table lamps add a modern, trendy look.

Blush Pink
Blush pink is being used by leading interior designers from bathroom fixtures and vanities, to kitchens, playrooms and more. We are seeing it trend in textiles, paint colours and accessories as well.

Moody Interiors
Dark, moody interiors are fast becoming the new trend as darker walls, jewel tones and earthy colours are being used more and more by leading UK interior designers.

To make your rental property stand out, you might have to consider an interior re-design to update the look and make it more appealing to potential renters. For more information on how you can make your rental property stand out, contact Chamberland Residential today.