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Property Management

Do you need Property Management?

Here are a few things to ask yourself first:
1. Am I able to be at the property within an hour in case of emergency such as a break in or lost keys/stolen bags?
 2. Am I up to date with Landlord / Tenant law and legal certificates required?
 3. Do I have an array of contractors available to assist with any and all issues in the property at short notice?
 4. Do I have the inclination/time to manage the property to my best ability and keep my tenants happy?
 5. Do I know the legally correct process to chase rent if my tenant doesn't pay?

If you answered No to any of the above, regardless of whether you live abroad or not, we would most definitely recommend you enlist the Managed service.

Within our Managed service we include:
-Marketing your property on major portals, our own website, our office window and sometimes various local magazines/newspapers
-Finding the tenant and referencing them
-Collection of the rent for each period agreed
-We will investigate/solve property maintenance issues which come to our attention. Works will be dealt with as they arise and a quote will be approved by yourselves unless you have given instruction in writing to proceed otherwise or unless it is an emergency and we cannot get a hold of you.

As you are paying someone to manage your property, you never have to speak to your tenants directly nor do they have your contact details. Contact is between you and your appointed property manager to whom you usually have a relationship with already.

More importantly, we take a very different approach to property management than other agents do...With us, a level of pride, concern and common sense is practiced with every single property we manage. We are not interested in making money off clients for quoting jobs which aren't necessary or costs that can be avoided (which are many). We pride ourselves on just how much money we save our landlords simply by using common sense and communicating clearly!